Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our jungle chalet, where there was a squirrel nesting under the roof.

The giant Eagle statue that greets everyone at the main Wharf.

These two monkeys were grooming on the steep pathway to the Seven Waterfalls, they followed me down the hill to the icecream seller, where I bought a nice icecream. The monkeys then charged at me to get my icecream.


Nyle said...

Thats great mum, it looks so nice to see photos up on here again. Love to read about your adventures

angramainju said...

The giant eagle statue is huge alright:-D

Ocean Girl said...

And I thought I knew every little nook and crany of Langkawi!

I enjoyed glimpsing through your adventure in Langkawi (I'll go back and read more in detail).

I know of a long range motoryacht from Picton! And another little yellow sailboat, from Holland, but they now live at Elie Bay, Marlborough Sound, New Zealand. I would like to visit them some day.

I am glad you enjoyed Langkawi. It is a very, very, very special place for me.