Saturday, December 13, 2008

The boat Harbourwith its lighthouse, this is where the second small town is situated.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Grand Welcome.

The Grand Welcome to Berjaya Resort and Spa Hotel, a very impressive place, built on about 50 acres of jungle mountian side. There are 500 chalets scattered through the jungle all the way up the mountain, on the beach front and even out over the ocean, built on stilts right out in the ocean, these are the most expensive executive suites, larger and more luxuriously appointed with their own restaurant out there over the water.

Most of the chalets are built single or double - side by side, ours was a single one built about three quarters of the way up the mountainside, surounded by all the animals,birds and insects of the jungle, reached easily by the 24hour shuttle service, the small vehicles race up and down the narrow mountain tracks, wecould often just flag one down like a taxi or you could phone and order one, when we wanted to go to the lobby, the beach to one of the 6 restaurants or to the near by Oriental village.

I forgot to mention, that when booked our accommadation, we as we always do, requested a basket of fresh local fruit for our room. Sometimes we get it sometimes not, we are quite prepared to pay for the fruit, but seldom have to, it is so nice to have something to nibble on when you arrive in a strange new country often late at night.

We had just settled in to our lovely chalet, when the door bell rang. There stood a little malaysian girl with a nice basket of apples oranges and nashi pears, we were delighted, she then told us to have a look in the fridge as she had already put a lovely cream cake there for us. We looked and were amazed to find a heart shaped cream cake there with the words 'Happy Honeymoon" iced on top! Oh dear and heres us married already for 12 years! A bit embarrassing, but we decided to hug rather publicly now and again! The cream cake it has to be said was one of the nicest softest squishiest cakes we have ever eaten, and didn't last very long. How I wish I had taken a photo of it.

Shortly after another lady rang the bell and gave us a Dragon fruit, a strange red fruit withcreamy white fleash that is full of tiny black seeds, it tastes quite nice and sweet, this is getting embarrasing but we were efusive with our thanks.

Quickly following on her heel was yet another older lady, the most amazing of all, she had cradled in her hands like it was a precious jewel, a frsh mango. It blew us away when she told us; Yesterday, when she was home in her own garden she saw this mango fall from her tree, and she thought of the couple coming from New Zealand tomorrow who had probably never ever tried a fresh off the tree mango (and she was right.) So she brought it in to work with her and gave it to us.

Wow, to think that the Malaysian lady, bless her was thinking of us, whom she had never met, total strangers, when she was in her own home the day before we were even to arrive in her country, its positively mindblowing. Boy did we enjoy that precious mango it was so tangy and flavoursome. What a kind thoughtful lady.

We were almost scared in case the doorbell rang again. But fortunately that was it, but what a grand welcome we had, so we settled down to enjoy a second honemoon or should that be the 12th honeymoon as we go away at this time every year on these wonderful trips.

Me on Tanjong Rhu Beach with the islands and Fishing boats unloading their catch at the wharf.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

A $light Problem of the Monetary type.

When we checked into the Berjaya Resort in Langkawi, we made a discovery, not of the joyous type, more of the, oh, oh now-we-are-in-trouble type.
When you book into these 5 star resorts they always request your credit card to make an impression, just to cover themselves in case of guests booking up masses of drinks and food to their rooms, then having no money. We don’t charge to our rooms, but many others do, in fact almost everybody at the resort was doing this.
Anyway when they asked for my credit card, that is when I discovered that my credit card had not been lucky enough to have a nice tropical holiday and was still at home in New Zealand in my best going-to-town handbag! I never bring my ordinary handbag when I travel instead I use a banana shaped soft vinyl shoulder bag with short straps so it hangs comfortably just under my arm, it has a zip that goes from strap to strap sealing it completely, making it extremely difficult to pick pocket. Langkawi is a safe place but many places we go to are not. With this purse I feel quite safe going anywhere knowing my money and cameras etc are quite safe.
So, no credit card, Erle quickly stepped in and offered a quantity of money to cover this problem, the manager readily accepted NZ$200.00 and we were all sweet again. Except for the fact that we didn’t have the card to backup any of our spending, it’s just nice to have the assurance behind you. We actually hadn’t brought that much actual cash with us, we had been led to believe that there would be no other food available in the area except for the 6 restaurants attached to the resort, so had expected to be spending heaps on meals, this brought a slight change of plans. We would have to be cautious in our spending watch our pennies.
We don’t go overseas as tourists anyway, we go as travellers immersing ourselves as much as possible into the culture as we can.
So after we had enjoyed the previously mentioned Grand Welcome by the ladies with fruit and goodies, we walked down to the security post at the gates and I asked them just where they ate, as obviously they wouldn’t eat in the resort. The security men said they just walk down the road half a mile to the food court at the Oriental Village on the right., but, they said its all Malaysian food – hot and spicy! No problem. I told them, we didn’t come to Malaysia to eat Western food we can do that at home. We set off immediately in the very hot sun and were fortunate
This is the Oriental Village.
to be picked up by the resort shuttle and taken to the Oriental Village. There we found the Food Court with about 7 different small shops selling all kinds of interesting foods – most of which we didn’t recognise, but the people were happy to explain what the dish was and to make them not too spicy. We dined like kings for RM$11 which is about NZ$5.50, and vowed to continue doing this most evenings.It would remain to be seen whether we would end up having a major problem, by having no credit card

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Boats from the Eagles Landing wharf with the town in background.

Erle below 7 Wells waterfall.

A lovely waterfall.

Black Sands Bay.

Rain Drops keep falling on my Head.

We decided to get a rental car; first we asked around to check how much others had paid. Seemed like most were RM $100 a day but one person had got their car for RM $50 so I decided to try my bargaining skills once again.
Took a taxi to the airport as there was no chance of a cheap rental at the resort, we had spoken to some of the rental agencies as we went through the Airport several days earlier, so we bowled up to one of them and I started my bargaining pitch, I quickly got them down to RM$40 a day for 4 days, and I am sure I could of gone lower but I had Erle next to me jumping up and down yelling ‘We’ll take it we’ll take it!’ so that had to be it. Still a very good deal as that is only NZ$20 a day, couldn’t do that well in New Zealand.
So Erle drove away from the A/P and I tried to navigate, after a few false starts we were away and drove in the sunshine to Kuah the big town on Langkawi Island. Went first to Eagle Landing where there is a huge sculpture of a beautiful Eagle, took its photo then down came a tropical downpour of torrential rain with lightning bolts and loud claps of thunder. We had to take shelter in a KFC, as that was all there was to get inside. Waited half an hour then we made a run for it to the car, just a tiny wee little baby car but big enough for us, as we ran two different lots of people stopped and offered us a lift! Nice people these Langkawi folk but we ran on.
We then drove right around the Island in rain, the worst rain we have ever seen, it was like there was a grey curtain right around the car, it was just solid rain bucketing down from the sky, flooding all the streets and bringing down a few trees, quite dangerous driving as there was no visibility on roads we didn’t know, could gone under water any time, but Erle made it safely back to our Resort, but we saw nothing much, and never did go back to Kuah town.
The worry with having a rental and no credit card was what would happen if we accidentally smashed it up, we were very conscious of this and took extra care all the way the whole time.
It was so good being able to go driving every day to most parts of the island, we saw all four of the waterfalls and bathed out feet in the hot springs, looked at all the best beaches, bought lots of things like banana fritters, jack fruit crisps even crab cakes from tiny stalls along the way, plus masses of bananas and rambutans a delicious fruit we have tried in may tropical countries. They have red spiky outer skin and a soft white berry inside, all soft and sweet and juicy.
Most days after this it seemed be pouring with rain for short bursts with thunder and lightning, all very tropical monsoon like, at least you soon dry out as it is still very hot even when raining. But the rain didn't stop us from touring all around the island, visiting all the best beaches, all the waterfalls and through the road tunnels.
Was a sad day when we had to return the cute wee car and start walking again!

Friday, November 07, 2008

.Langkawi, lazy days.
The next two days were spent really lazily on the beach swimming either in the lovely warm sea or in the not quite so warm pool, with its huge waterfall, and a bar in the middle, which did a great trade with all the non-Muslims. Muslims are not allowed alcohol or so we were told. There were many, many Arabs at this resort, mainly from Saudi Arabia. The men stalked around very pompously and arrogant in the main, though some were on honeymoon and very affectionate towards their poor women who had to be covered from head to toe in a black Burka with just tiny slits to see out of. In such heat as this everyone felt sorry for these women, what the ladies thought no one could tell, most can’t speak English.
From our chalet we could only really see one other chalet and in it was a Saudi couple. Now she never set foot out the door without the burka, but she would go out on to the balcony with her husband and talk with Erle and I, without any head covering, wearing just western clothing, we thought we had been truly honoured to be allowed to see her lovely face and her long hair that went way past her backside. Erle was careful not to address remarks to her or to say anything that could be misconstrued, language was the only problem, they were both very nice, while on that balcony. We all sat up there laughing, watching the monkeys playing in the trees and empting the rubbish bins messily everywhere.
We didn’t sit around crying into our beer at forgetting the credit card; mainly because it was Rum and coke that we had bought going through customs and we were drinking! All our dining was done at the Food Court at the Oriental village and lovely it was if a tiny bit hot for Erles taste.
The heat was always around 32C up to 36C during the day and it only dropped marginally during the night, apparently it is the same year round, and it is a hot steamy energy sapping heat that had a sweat on you all the time. Wouldn’t like to have to work in it, but its great for swimming. Luckily there is excellent air-conditioning in the chalets.
After two relaxing days, and checking our small store of money, we decided to look in to the matter of a rental car.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

An Unsettling moment.

While we were quietly strolling along the jungle path, we heard the sound of a couple of fighter jets zooming around the bay; they circled a couple of times noisily. Now at home in NZ this would not have been of any note, no worry at all, for NZ has no enemies who might send fighter jets in to scare or worse, but this was a foreign nation. I clutched at Erle and asked just who were Malaysia’s enemies? Do they have any; we supposed they must do seeing NZ kept a peacekeeping force there for so many years. Did all those Arabs that filled the resort have any bearing on the jets being there? Were they likely to be throwing bombs at us any moment? Makes you really appreciate the peaceful life we live in NZ.
No of cause they didn’t bomb us, but they had us a bit unsettled there for a moment.

Monkey Business

From our balcony high up in the trees we were able to watch the monkeys swinging through the trees quite close to us, there were two completely different species; a grey/brown small one called Macau’s I think, that eats just anything and everything from the rubbish bins etc and a larger black one with white patches around their eyes, quite pretty and a vegetarian only eating fruits. There were also other animals climbing around in the trees, like squirrels of several different types and we saw a sloth, but there were also many different flying Lemurs and Tapirs, a thing like a pig but with much longer legs like a small horse and other stuff we only saw pictures of, and huge birds approx 3ft long Hornbills bright yellow coloured, we had a pair flying around noisily a couple of times, they crash into small branches of the trees as they land.
Erle and I eat a lot of fruit, especially when we are in the tropics, we buy it up from small stalls at peoples gates, very cheaply and its so nice and fresh doesn’t last long usually. Plus that gives you a lovely chance to have a nice chat with the locals.
We had been sitting on that balcony again gobbling bananas and rambutans before going off for a swim one afternoon, we left one small banana on the wee table, quite stupidly! We did shut the door before we left the chalet but didn’t bother locking it –we were 10ft at least off the ground and the back door was locked.
When we returned and opened the back door we were greeted by a gosh awful mess. Plastic bags all torn up paper bags too, things from the dressing table all thrown around and little sticky handprints everywhere. Plus not a sign of any fruit in the place, monkeys had just climbed up and opened the door and helped themselves to anything they fancied, fortunately the house maids had seen and heard them and driven the pesky monkeys out before they investigated our suitcases, where there were some cashew nuts, well hidden I am glad to report. Could have been much worse, they didn’t find the Rum bottle, but it still took us a while to clean up, monkeys can leave quite a mess as the darn things are not house trained!

Darling Squirrels
We had been hearing a lot of Chittering noises during the nights, just outside and suspected that there could be a squirrel nesting in the trees close by or even the roof of our chalet, though we tried hard we never managed to spot what was making all the noise until the last day. Mrs Black Squirrel seemed to bring her young dainty baby squirrel to visit us. We were so delighted we forgot to photograph them ofcause, we just watch enthralled as both of them dashed about on the small branches very close to us. She had been nesting in the roof as we thought. We also saw red Squirrels in the trees from time to time.
And amazingly a quite large Sloth, about large dog sized with no tail, hanging below the branch making its was slowly until I turned the torch on to it. Made pretty good time then as they are very noctural.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Food Glorious Food.

Steamboat – or the tale of two drunken diners.
Saturday night came around and we felt the need to celebrate, after much nonsense talk of hitting Nav’s or Goats or maybe the Boch, (Blenheim’s Nightclubs) we decided on having a Steamboat meal, a Chinese/Thai meal involving the cooking of many different types of food on your table, you have your own little burner, a huge platter of fish meat seafood, shellfish, vegies, and odd mushroom variety’s even seaweed, once its all cooked and eaten you are then supposed to drink the wonderful broth that has been formed in the special divided pan it is all cooked in, one half had plain chicken stock and the other a hot spicy Tom Yum Thai soup- I used that one.
Sounded like a great idea, so we dressed up a little, had a couple of rums, and caught the shuttle to the Oriental Pearl Restaurant. Why oh why, did we decide then to stop off and enjoy a few happy hour cocktails; Pina Colada is so yummy, we were having a fun time! Joyfully we tripped to the Oriental Pearl, ordered our steamboat, which takes quite a while, now what possessed us to have a nice glass of wine while we waited!
Thoroughly three sheets in the wind, we manfully attempted to make a start on the truly delicious food, using chopsticks for a short time before we resorted to the ladles! We munched our way through the mainly lovely tasting goodies we managed to fish out of the boiling steamboat pan, slopping quite a bit all around the table. Little Chinese were asking if everything was ok? Wonderful thanks we trilled! Tossing, a shrimp and catching it deftly, sort of.
Suddenly we looked at each other and realized that one more mouthful may have us bringing up the lot. Safe to say by now we had the full compliment of sheets billowing in the wind. I airily told the little Chinese to take the steamboat away to the kitchen and let all the staff enjoy it – we only got about halfway through and certainly never even tasted the delicious soupy broth, they said yes they would all eat it up it wouldn’t be wasted. Then, while we were almost incoherent, it was give our chalet number for them to charge the meal against- it was such a hard number to remember 4137 I do believe we gave them every combination of those numbers plus a few others, before we waved the room key at them, held on to one another and staggered out, poured ourselves into the shuttle and entertained the driver all the way to our chalet where we fell on the bed and watched the room go around and around. Taxi drivers that hardly drink should never go out celebrating!
Oh Yes; I told the Oriental Pearl I would rate their performance on the Internet, I can safely say their steamboat is very good – I think! Sure wasn’t expensive thank goodness.
We were awaken an hour or so later, the phone rang and a little Chinese voice said ‘ah so that is your room number.’ And hung up, THE CHEEK OF THEM!
Tiger Prawns or the most expensive meal we have ever eaten.
Several days later the money was still holding out ok so instead of eating at the Food Court we drove into a tiny fishing village to look out a restaurant of some kind, and found it. Virtually just a shack made of three sheets of corrugated iron, on the side of the road, we were seated out under the pretty red bougainvillea and we ordered Tiger Prawns or rather I did, Erle went for a whole snapper. The man asked how many Tiger Prawns I would like and I said oh two or three I might share them with Erle, I wondered why he was rubbing his hands together happily. And No we would not like any drinks thankyou!
Very shortly out came the man staggering under a huge platter holding 3 massive monsters of the deep, pick of the catch, Tiger Prawns that were about 18 inches long and 3 inches thick looking more like lobsters than shrimps. (Then again with a large snapper cooked just right.) Good job I was really hungry. They were perfectly cooked as I asked; deep fried in batter with garlic, the batter was full of slithers of garlic and tasted wondrous as did the tiger prawns, ofcause I shared with Erle as he shared his snapper and all the vegetables and fried rice we had ordered too. Took us a long time to get through it all but get through it we did.
We decided it was the most delicious meal we have ever eaten, then the bill came RM$214 .00 = NZ$107.00 like WOW. I paid; thankfully we did have enough – just! So now its back to the Food Court again! We always order and pay for breakfasts when we book our accommodation so we were never in any danger of starvation, the breakfast buffet was also the best I have come across, and I have come across many really good breakfast buffets.
Oh Yes the rating for Simi’s Outdoor Seafood restaurant; not withstanding that he could see a ‘very rich tourist ‘ coming, and he knows how to charge like a wounded bull, we have got to rate it the top meal we have eaten in years, very well cooked nicely served in nice a outdoor setting on a lovely evening, we didn’t regret the huge bill and I would go back again. Top notch Rating.
Um I have been asked whether Erle might have had his credit card with him since I had left mine at home, well Erle has not got a credit card and never has had, so yes we could have been in deep do-do. Was only by being careful and spending wisely except for the tiger prawns!, and being lucky, that we managed. But it will never happen again, I try to learn the first time

More stories from Langkawi.

Some of you have asked me about writing up more of our adventures, so I will write up one more anyway, mainly, to answer everybody’s questions.
Yes there were other New Zealanders there, there was another couple, Van and Jan, from Waitomo, who arrived on the same plane as us, and left on the same day we did, we were even taken in the same transfer vehicle. We ran into each other quite often and it was nice to hear our own accent among all the foreign tongues, but we didn’t do any sightseeing together as they were very together; enjoying each others company, just as we were, so we didn’t intrude. We did however have the last big fish banquet together on the last night, on separate tables, but close, and we kept visiting each other to remark on the lovely prawns and the smallness of the tiny clams and mussels or the way the salmon was cooked etc, spurring each other on to eat considerably more than we might of. Certainly, it was a lovely, enjoyable meal.
There were several from England, one from Rumania, South Africa, Portugal, Austria, Kuala Lumpur, Pakistan, Japan, China and a number from Australia, as well as all the Saudi Arabian and other Arabs, dressed quite differently, from countries I didn’t find the name of, naturally we didn’t speak with even a quarter of the people in the 500 chalets. Many families had children with them.
Every day we used to watch in amazement as a Saudi family left their chalet further down the mountain, for breakfast in the lobby restaurant, on the shuttle, There was a man and 3 adult women plus an old lady plus at least 2 small children about 7 or 8 years old. As their chalet was the same as ours we wondered where they all slept; as our chalet had only a large king-size bed and a small divan daybed, we sort of figured it was the Arab sheik with his 3 wives in one bed, mother-in-law and kids in the divan!

Monkey attack.

Erle and I drove our wee rental car up toward the Seven Wells Waterfalls, then had to climb up a million steps up a mountain to get to where the lowest part of the waterfall was, going up to the top was out of the question! We found it very nice and cool and peaceful at the rock pools. Well worth the climb, wish we had brought our swimming suits; we almost had the place to ourselves, as it was too steep for most of the people who start out walking. On the way down I photographed the two monkeys grooming each other on the path, these monkeys followed us right down to the icecream stall at the car park. We sat and ate a lovely icecream beneath a shady tree and those monkeys rushed at me to steal my icecream and may well have got it, though I moved quickly out of the way, but the stall owner quickly got out her shanghai and hurled a stone at them. Apparently these monkeys frequently manage to steal people’s icecreams, but not mine!
One of the shuttle drivers told us of a Monkey called George who learned to knock on the door of the mountain chalets, when the resident opened the door, George was in like a shot, straight to the refrigerator. He would quickly open the door and take all the cashew nuts and chips from the mini bar, then sit in the corner and eat the lot. Which is why there is a lock on the cupboard where the fridge is kept! His brilliant brainwave didn’t do him any good long time, apparently the management had to shoot George in the end, as he couldn’t be stopped from his naughty behaviour any other way. Yes, there were snakes in the jungle, we only saw a python that was the pet of one of the locals, but I know there were also adders too. We did see a big black scorpion in the jungle and gave it a wide berth, and a large monitor lizard high up a tree.

The python; we had to get a photo with some taxis in it too ofcause!

Malay Cats.
As we walked each evening to the Oriental Village for our dinner we stopped off to speak with a girl who lived there, who owned a lovely ginger cat called Long he looked similar to our lovely Burmese cats and we couldn’t resist making friends with him, normally I wouldn’t touch an animal when overseas, (Years ago, I saw a girl who had been bitten by a rabid dog in India, who needed nasty injections in her stomach everyday. That put me off animals even domestic ones when overseas.) Long was a very nice cat, we never even asked his mistress’s name, but she chatted to us each night. Most Malayan cats have short twisted tails, but Long’s tail was nice and straight, we were told the monkeys bite the cats tails off, haha, but I don’t believe that story. The resort had many feral ex domestic cats running in the jungle eating all the small birds, which is why there weren’t many.
What else is there to do in Langkawi?
Heaps of things we only scratched the surface of all the things one could do, lots of water sports for instance, we watched a chap going para-waterskiing using a parachute behind a speedboat – far too dangerous for us!
There was a cable car very near our resort but as I am scared of heights I couldn’t bring myself to go up it, when I heard there was a long swing bridge up at the top to be walked over to get to the downward flight, I knew I wouldn’t be going up there. Someone would have had to blindfold me then carry me across the bridge; even then I am not sure I would make it.
Also an elephant was giving rides to people but I have had many elephant rides so didn’t do that, Erle didn’t want to really.
There is a snake sanctuary, but one snake is more than sufficient for us.
We would of liked to have gone out in a boat, island hopping or fishing, mangrove tripping and Eagle feeding or just sightseeing, but we were too worried about finance when we had the chance. Also I couldn’t budge them on the prices, these fellows were not into bargaining, and I had an appointment to go on a jungle trek, to see the flying Lemurs, birds, flowers and other interesting things with a naturalist that afternoon, so we didn’t bother trying very hard. But basically we did most everything we wished too. There is also a nice big mountain you can drive up usually but with all that torrential rain we had the roads became closed, I am told there was a wonderful view from up there, just as from the cable car, but, I wouldn’t have seen anything there as my eyes would have been tightly closed.

The luxury On-Sea Chalets where we spent our last day.

Farewell to Langkawi
The last day dawns, how happy we were just enjoying ourselves and relaxing into the life of a travelling person.
We jumped out of bed caught a shuttle down to the wonderful breakfast buffet, to have our last great feast in Langkawi. We once again had fresh pineapple, watermelon and honey dew melon with orange segments squeezed over it all, a chef cook us an omelette, with cheese, onion, mushroom and chicken in it, eaten with an assortment of every known thing it is possible to have for a Western breakfast, and I usually had a roti as well, that’s an Indian breakfast pancake type of thing, there are many accompaniments to these but I managed to restrain myself from having major meals of curry for breakfast (choice of about 8 different ), and there was also all the enormous range of things the Asian people from all the Asian countries eat with their rice porridge, all yucky looking, I have never tried this breakfast except for the chicken cooked in coconut milk, which I just love and search out every time.
Then there is a huge range of every type of bread and pastries, muffins and cup cakes known to man, not sure how many varieties of breads there were but there must have been at least thirty sorts. Who wants toast when they can have Danish or croissants or some other dainty pastry item? Once we saw others were doing it, we took a small handful of the cup cakes with us to have for lunch or with coffee during the day. Served with coldish stewed coffee, the only thing everyone could fine a fault with that the management could improve on.
This was always a leisurely time of day, some people spent hours in the breakfast room writing up diaries and postcards, but not us we had lots to do, especially today. So it was back to the chalet to pack our suitcases in preparation to having to vacate at lunchtime, then we were off to the ocean for a last swim in the warm
water. We only ever saw a couple of little fish in this part of the sea and there were no dangerous Jellyfish, that plague most of the tropic beaches now days.
We settled our account at the resort and wonder of wonders they handed back most of the money Erle had paid in to cover all expenses, so finally we could indulge in a little souvenir buying, funny how when we could we no longer wanted to. Still we got a small wooden cat for the collection we have at home, a nice Jade pendant with the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster, for me, and several t-shirts of Langkawi, you just have to have some of them.
The management were so nice when we checked out, they offered us a hospitality room for the last hours in the resort, as we had to wait till 4.30pm to be picked up, we gratefully accepted this offer, which turned out to be not just a room but another chalet, this time one right on the water in the area of the rich and famous that costs an arm and a leg! Naturally we photographed the view from this exalted residence and thought how we might pretend it was our chalet, but we are too honest! It meant we could have a shower and a coffee and a lie down if necessary and best of all there was a welcome complimentary box of Belgian seashells chocolates, they didn’t last long at all. There were also more cosmetics than is usual, there for us to use, cause everyone who goes there already has their suitcases in the Luggage room.
In time we were picked up and transferred to the airport, all the shuttle drivers and security and the Concierge desk people all came out to the vehicle to wish us a fond farewell and asked us to be sure to come back. This farewell was only to us not to the others in the vehicle they made that very clear, as we had made a big effort to be friendly to all these people. Just made our holiday better, I just loved to see their faces all lit up with ear to ear grins when they saw us, that’s what prompted me to be very chatty to all the Malaysian people. Speaking the same language is not all that necessary, the photo I sent of me by the shuttle with two Saudi Arabian girls with their arms around me all friendly, could not speak a word of English, but I drew a tick on their hands because they had been good, and smiled at them, once their Father told them it was a nice thing to do they were all over me, it was very nice.
Yes, we were sad to leave, we most likely won’t go back, we would rather like to, but the flights to get there are so long and wearing it takes a while to recover from such long hours sitting in airplanes and terminals, then the 4 hours of driving to come home from Christchurch! It’s a bit much.
How much money did we actually have over there? We think maybe about $1000.00 (some spent in Duty Free before we even left New Zealand,) as we intended to use the credit card for meals and rental cars; we came home with about $500.00. (Some of which we needed to pay car storage) Didn’t spend much, as we had to keep as much money as possible in case of emergencies that can and often do arise, but in this case did not.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Buying wonderfully tasty banana fritters.

I can hardly believe its been two years since we were lucky be holidaying in lovely Langkawi. Maybe next year we shall return to this beautiful island.