Wednesday, November 05, 2008


The luxury On-Sea Chalets where we spent our last day.

Farewell to Langkawi
The last day dawns, how happy we were just enjoying ourselves and relaxing into the life of a travelling person.
We jumped out of bed caught a shuttle down to the wonderful breakfast buffet, to have our last great feast in Langkawi. We once again had fresh pineapple, watermelon and honey dew melon with orange segments squeezed over it all, a chef cook us an omelette, with cheese, onion, mushroom and chicken in it, eaten with an assortment of every known thing it is possible to have for a Western breakfast, and I usually had a roti as well, that’s an Indian breakfast pancake type of thing, there are many accompaniments to these but I managed to restrain myself from having major meals of curry for breakfast (choice of about 8 different ), and there was also all the enormous range of things the Asian people from all the Asian countries eat with their rice porridge, all yucky looking, I have never tried this breakfast except for the chicken cooked in coconut milk, which I just love and search out every time.
Then there is a huge range of every type of bread and pastries, muffins and cup cakes known to man, not sure how many varieties of breads there were but there must have been at least thirty sorts. Who wants toast when they can have Danish or croissants or some other dainty pastry item? Once we saw others were doing it, we took a small handful of the cup cakes with us to have for lunch or with coffee during the day. Served with coldish stewed coffee, the only thing everyone could fine a fault with that the management could improve on.
This was always a leisurely time of day, some people spent hours in the breakfast room writing up diaries and postcards, but not us we had lots to do, especially today. So it was back to the chalet to pack our suitcases in preparation to having to vacate at lunchtime, then we were off to the ocean for a last swim in the warm
water. We only ever saw a couple of little fish in this part of the sea and there were no dangerous Jellyfish, that plague most of the tropic beaches now days.
We settled our account at the resort and wonder of wonders they handed back most of the money Erle had paid in to cover all expenses, so finally we could indulge in a little souvenir buying, funny how when we could we no longer wanted to. Still we got a small wooden cat for the collection we have at home, a nice Jade pendant with the Chinese Zodiac sign of the Rooster, for me, and several t-shirts of Langkawi, you just have to have some of them.
The management were so nice when we checked out, they offered us a hospitality room for the last hours in the resort, as we had to wait till 4.30pm to be picked up, we gratefully accepted this offer, which turned out to be not just a room but another chalet, this time one right on the water in the area of the rich and famous that costs an arm and a leg! Naturally we photographed the view from this exalted residence and thought how we might pretend it was our chalet, but we are too honest! It meant we could have a shower and a coffee and a lie down if necessary and best of all there was a welcome complimentary box of Belgian seashells chocolates, they didn’t last long at all. There were also more cosmetics than is usual, there for us to use, cause everyone who goes there already has their suitcases in the Luggage room.
In time we were picked up and transferred to the airport, all the shuttle drivers and security and the Concierge desk people all came out to the vehicle to wish us a fond farewell and asked us to be sure to come back. This farewell was only to us not to the others in the vehicle they made that very clear, as we had made a big effort to be friendly to all these people. Just made our holiday better, I just loved to see their faces all lit up with ear to ear grins when they saw us, that’s what prompted me to be very chatty to all the Malaysian people. Speaking the same language is not all that necessary, the photo I sent of me by the shuttle with two Saudi Arabian girls with their arms around me all friendly, could not speak a word of English, but I drew a tick on their hands because they had been good, and smiled at them, once their Father told them it was a nice thing to do they were all over me, it was very nice.
Yes, we were sad to leave, we most likely won’t go back, we would rather like to, but the flights to get there are so long and wearing it takes a while to recover from such long hours sitting in airplanes and terminals, then the 4 hours of driving to come home from Christchurch! It’s a bit much.
How much money did we actually have over there? We think maybe about $1000.00 (some spent in Duty Free before we even left New Zealand,) as we intended to use the credit card for meals and rental cars; we came home with about $500.00. (Some of which we needed to pay car storage) Didn’t spend much, as we had to keep as much money as possible in case of emergencies that can and often do arise, but in this case did not.

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